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A company with experience and a strong presence in the sector. These are only two of the characteristics that define a work that extends along more than 30 years in the manufacture of upholstered furniture. The secret of this long and successful permanency is due to an excellent team of workers, it's composed of more than a hundred qualified employees. Also, the company has a wide fleet of own trucks to distribute all its products, in the quickest and most effective way. It is necessary to highlight that our sales pass over borders, selling our products in the foreign market, through the group Externa.

One of the keys of the success of this company is based in the kind of our product: an extensive range of upholstered furniture of great acceptance, due to their commercial and popular character. Our deliveries that are carried out exclusively to stores, are characterized by the their quick distrobution and for the maximum care in all the production processes. The use of great quality materials of great quality, as well as the interest for the most current design, they have taken this company to cover in a satisfactory way the demands of a larger and more heterogeneous market.